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Why choose us

Why take a class from us

Tapp training uses only patient instructors experienced in working with new and advanced students. There is no para-military or drill sergeant approach to instruction. We don’t yell at our students.

Our classroom is high tech. We teach the NRA curriculum while adding our experience and supplementing the course with graphics, animations, and videos. We use lots of training aides such as non-firing training pistols. Training guns allow you to practice, demonstrate, and observe techniques from all angles. We have ammunition cutaways that you can hold and examine as well as the individual components. We have a barrel from a disassembled pistol that you can safely study the rifling and chamber with inert dummy ammunition.

Loading and unloading drills use many popular calibers and firearms types. 

Our classroom and range is clean, heated, well lit, and well ventilated.

Low student to teacher ratio means we are not just putting several students in a line for live fire. You receive individualized attention and coaching.

All instructors carry insurance or are covered by BSA for the Rifle Merit Badge and troop shoots.