Running a Raffle

First a disclaimer, according to the BSA fundraiser guide, raffles are not generally approved. Since we were receiving the item as a gift and a portion of our money would be matched and set aside in a trust fund. This was too good of a gift to refuse. I spoke with my local Scouting representative and he agreed that since our Gun Club was running the raffle to benefit the scouts he had no problems with it.

Tips that we have picked up
- Some towns/cities in NH require you to register raffles
- Group sales usually out sell individual efforts 
- We expect all members to help sell if they want to shoot
- Sell at shooting matches
- Sell at Gun club membership meetings
- Set up an online means to sell. Paypal allows donations. Their site will walk you through creating buttons for your web site
- Get a "Square" account so you can accept credit cards
- Advertise on your facebook page
- Create small signs and banners
- Most people want to know how many tickets will be sold

First I like to give credit where it is due. I learned how to create raffle tickets from this website: