Shooting Disciplines

What shooting sports or activities should your youth get involved in? Its great to try as many as possible. You should also consider what your coaches already shoot and what is available near you. If you local club shoots bullseye pistol then make arrangements to get involved. I'll leave it for you to search out all the details on your desired competitions.

All have disciplines suitable for youth. There are matches for youth only but you can participate in adult matches too if the age limits allow it.

Make sure you consider the costs, equipment required, necessary training, and safety concerns

Air Rifle or small bore rifle
There are also high power rifle matches through CMP actually lots of events/matches. Scout units can join for free. Discounted supplies are available
Scholastic Pistol Program
Hopefully their website will update soon or get their own site. Check out their Shotgun opportunities
Steel Challenge
IDPA - Note this is advanced Pistol Skills
USPSA - Note this is advanced Pistol Skills
Silhouette rifle